Bryan Knauber

Welcome to my internet website.

Hi, I'm Bryan.

  • I live in San Francisco. I love my city.
  • Sort of in my “trying stuff out” era right now, professionally.
  • I’ve been for quite a while now.

I made my very first web page when I was 12, from a book about HTML I got at the public library.

I built it in Netscape Navigator because that's what the phone company sent us on a CD. It had and used .

Later on, I got a CD of gifs and upgraded the background to a .

Nobody ever saw it except my mom, because I didn't know how to put things online. She was happy for me, but also wanted me to play outside more.

Web design today is generally less exciting.


  • Currently: A couple secret projects
  • Previously: FareHarbor

I'm open to consulting on your cool product design project.

Touching Grass

I'm building a cabin in Wisconsin, but construction hasn't started yet. Here's what the location looks like as of Jul 21, 2024 · 3:29pm . It was 66°F:

A photo from the field camera


I do various music things around the Bay, including with my cabaret/theater group,

  • Last: We did a cabaret show we called Get Lost at Martuni’s in June.
  • Before that: I played drums in the band for Tell Me on a Sunday in March.


I love musicals, and I’m a small-time theater investor. So far:

  • The Wiz (now on Broadway)
  • Topdog/Underdog (2022, Tony winner)
  • Little Girl Blue (2021)
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It's now safe to close your browser and go outside.