Bryan Knauber

Bryan Knauber

Not to be confused with the hamburger restaurant.

Bryan Knauber
BK on the roof of Irv’s cabin in 2021

Bryan Knauber (/’kunɑbɜr/; “kuh-nawber”; age 34), sometimes known by the initialism BK, is an American software designer, developer, investor, and musician. He misses the days when personal websites were weird and fun.

Early life

Bryan grew up in the rural town of Frederic, Wisconsin, where he was voted Most Likely to Succeed, Least Athletic, Biggest Worrier, and Best Driver by his high school senior class.[1] After graduating he moved to Minneapolis for undergrad at a for-profit art school he’s “not particularly proud of attending”.

Personal life

Bryan lives in San Francisco, California. His interests include any movie or tv show set in space, plants, cheeseburgers, and musical theater. He also enjoys traveling, and knows enough Spanish to make it from a hotel to the airport in a taxi.[Citation needed]

His go-to fun fact for corporate icebreakers is that in 2015 he was part of a Hamilton cover band. They did two shows and then disbanded, but maybe the real founding father was the friends they made along the way.